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Like many other minerals, zinc is essential to many body functions. Zinc is found in the body in larger amounts than any other trace element except iron. It is present in all tissues.

Zinc forms part of many enzymes, which are protein structures needed to speed up functions such as:

  • Cell growth immunity
  • Testosterone production and Sperm formation – two reasons why men should make sure they are not deficient in zinc
  • Breakdown of alcohol – without sufficient, alcohol can become a major problem unnecessarily
  • DNA synthesis

Also very important among zinc uses is in the action of insulin. When there is a deficiency of zinc, and insulin does not work well, we don’t feel energetic. If you often feel more tired than you would like, then consider whether you are getting enough zinc. Another of the main zinc uses is to maintain the quality of the eyes. Many elderly people suffer an onset of blindness, and zinc has been found to prevent further loss of sight in some of these cases.

The body cannot store much, and loses a substantial amount daily. For zinc uses to be effective, it must be taken and absorbed regularly. Zinc supplements are recommended, but only as a part of a multi-mineral supplement, since as with most minerals, too much can inhibit other body functions. In fact, some minerals reduce the effectiveness of others, so it is important not to take too much.

Excessive calcium stops zinc being digested properly. For example, if there is too much calcium in the body – which can be a problem for people who eat a lot of meat and drink a lot of milk – then zinc will not be digested well because both these minerals are absorbed in the same area of the gut.

Zinc uses will not be affected adversely if a supplement of 15 mg is taken daily as part of a multi-mineral supplement. Supplements are in the form of:

  • Amino acid chelate
  • Zinc citrate
  • Zinc picolinate

Supplements of zinc sulfate and zinc gluconate are also produced.

Zinc uses are so important that the desire to get an adequate supply is enough reason to take a good multi-mineral supplement daily. If you take medications, consult your physician before taking supplements.