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On the spur of the moment many of us would want to go on a diet in order to stay healthy and fit.

However, it is necessary to emphasize that you should know the objective of your diet management which might include one or all of the following:

  • If you are diabetic, you need to control the levels of glucose in blood and prevent loss of glucose in urine.
  • Achievement of  a satisfactory weight. Overweight is indeed a health hazard particularly for diabetics. If you are under-weight, you will need to increase your body weight.
  • Provision of a palatable diet which is acceptable to each individual.
  • Getting sufficient calories for normal activities.

Once the objectives are clear, the next step is to:

  • Develop the diet plan relative to each person depending on his/her age, weight, height and activity. The planned diet should take into account the individual’s economic status, availability and cost of food items, national, religious and social customs, personal idiosyncrasies, occupation, facilities for preparing and obtaining meals and so on.
  • Define whether the person is diabetic or not.
  • Determine the nutritional requirements of the person.

Unfortunately, we still see people eating the same food over and over again. They simply resist changing their nutritional habits for their benefit.

However, it is important to understand the following : “ Eating well, while eating right; Eating right is half the fight!”

What it means here is that you can have a free choice for possible substitutions in your diet instead of  sticking to the same program. Just make sure you meet your objectives.