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Biotin is an important vitamin for proper digestion. It affects processing of most food. Biotin works with some other B vitamins to carry out essential functions, and is part of the vitamin B family, all of which are important to health. It is soluble in water, so you need some every day.

Biotin affects the processing of protein, fats and carbohydrates – that’s almost all of your main foodstuffs. For example, these processes include building amino acids into protein, getting energy from glucose. It also helps convert folic acid (folacin) into its active form so that it can do its work!

Severe deficiency of biotin is fairly rare, but various factors can prevent proper absorption of biotin. Infants can develop deficiency in biotin, however. In adults, antibiotics can result in deficiency of biotin, and some other vitamins.

Another cause of deficiency is the consumption of raw egg white in foods such as chocolate mousse. Biotin is not affected by cooked eggs. One reason that severe deficiency of biotin is rare is that the some biotin is synthesised in the intestine.

Although severe deficiency is rare, many Americans don’t get enough biotin to maintain good health, and a supplement should contain at least 50 mcg, and 100-200 mcg biotin is better. In fact, the majority of people don’t get enough vitamins, particularly B vitamins to maintain good health.

To get the benefits of biotin and enjoy life more, you can take either a vitamin B complex supplement, or better a multi-vitamin-mineral supplement which contains all B vitamins.