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The best multi-vitamins and minerals supplements are made from ingredients that are easy to digest. The label should say how much each tablet contains of the element you are interested in – vitamin A or zinc, not retynil palmitate (source of vitamin A) not zinc sulfate. Zinc sulfate is actually NOT a good form of zinc supplement.

In fact, one problem with multi-vitamins and minerals supplements is that everyone is selling them – and many don’t have the right balance of nutrients. Many multi-vitamins and minerals supplements don’t have enough of each nutrient. You need to choose carefully – any we recommend will be in good proportions, and will contain what your body needs.

Mineral supplements should show how much of the ‘elemental mineral’ it contains. The mineral is always taken as a compound which contains a small proportion of the mineral. For example, there is only 11% magnesium in magnesium aspartate, and only 12% chromium in chromium picolinate – so make sure the label states the amounts.

Multi-vitamins and minerals supplements can be in solid or liquid form. The protagonists of liquid form point out that if you take tablets you are swallowing fillers. In fact, there is a very small amount of filler in tablets, especially when compared with much of the food we eat. Our bodies are designed to handle these products.

Most multi-vitamins and minerals supplements in liquid forms are usually in capsules, and the casing is usually made of gelatin, an animal product that is not recommended as a foodstuff.

It is impossible to give precise recommendations on which ingredients you should choose over and above the important ones mentioned. Do choose supplements that include a big variety of vitamins and minerals. It is better to take some of all the ones you need than to take large doses of half of them.

Take multi-vitamins and minerals supplements with many ingredients. Why? Because few work alone. Almost everyone of them needs help from another vitamin or mineral, and in any case, vitamin means essential of life -as are the minerals mentioned. The aim of multi-vitamins and minerals supplements is to give you a good supply of all nutrients.

To obtain Optimum Nutrition, you need a plentiful supply of vitamins and minerals to help combat short-term illness, such as colds, and to help prevent long-term illnesses and degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.

Multi-vitamins and minerals supplements are your strategy for remaining healthy – and can help reverse the effects of some diseases and conditions. Regular exercise, even of walking, is also essential.

In today’s polluted atmosphere, we need all the help we can get, and the evidence shows that people who take multi-vitamins and minerals supplements enjoy better health than those who don’t.